When will cryoablation become available in my area?

Since I first learned about breast cryosurgery in 2010 after scanning a woman prior to her cryosurgery, I knew I had to being this technology to the Pacific Northwest. Recently I have been frustrated because I have been sending my Oregon and Washington breast cancer patients off to California, Arizona and Michigan. In order to speed up the process and to help women find a cryoablation clinic closer to where they live, I have taken a different tack.  I want this equipment available if I ever needed it or if my daughter ever had a problem in Seattle. I want my friends and patients to have access to this breast saving technology. So in July of 2017, I became an authorized distributor for cryoablation equipment for the Pacific Northwest!  Now I can actively try to get this equipment to surrounding towns where the women can access it more easily and not have to fly around the country to get care! Now I will be given access to a whole library of clinical articles that I can send the physician to review. I feel that within three years this will be the primary option women will want to choose if they have breast cancer or a "Suspicious finding."

I will be calling insurance companies to make them aware of CPT codes to help them through the acquisition process.  The breast cryoablation CPT code is 19105. As of July 2017, no insurance company pays for the code in the Pacific Northwest because there aren’t any cryoablation clinics  here yet that have asked them to do so!  Medicare and Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and United Healthcare, which are national providers, are starting to pay in several states, and they (and others) may soon reimburse doctors in the Northwest since they will come to see how much money they will save doing cryosurgery vs "Standard of care!"

So if you are a woman reading this and you know a radiologist or breast surgeon in your town whom you think might consider obtaining cryotherapy equipment, please speak with them first to gauge their interest, and then either you or the doctor fill out the form below or contact me through via email at contact@ProactiveBreastWellness.com.