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Here you can select various versions of our PBW program to reduce your risk of breast cancer or its reoccurrence. We also provide other products like hormone test kits, books, lymph drainage DVDs, relaxation CDs and DVDs for a holistic approach to breast wellness that best suits your needs.

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The Proactive Breast Wellness Program

Proactive Breast Wellness
E-Book (2nd Ed.)

Proactive Breast Wellness
Soft Cover Book (2nd Ed.)

Proactive Breast Wellness
Audible Audio Book (1st Ed.) *

Proactive Breast Wellness
Digital Download (1st Ed.)

Proactive Breast Wellness
6-Disc Set (Waves CD), (1st Ed.)

Proactive Breast Wellness
6-Disc Set (Waves DVD), (1st Ed.)

* 1st Edition. Cryoablation chapter not included.

Waves of Serenity

Hormone Test Kits

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Nutritional and Lifestyle Coaching Phone Consultations Available to Improve Your Health

To ensure your success with this comprehensive program we provide personalized phone consultations with a PBW Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and also Lifestyle Coaching in certain states. Carrie Janes, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner can guide you towards nutritional health while following the PBW protocol. Our PBW staff Lifestyle Coach, Wendy Loren, is an Herbalist with a Masters in Health Education with nutritional background and who has taught at local colleges in Oregon. Send us an e-mail of interest for these services, noting which state you live in: and they will contact you directly.

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