Cryotherapy Videos

A promising new treatment for breast cancer

Please watch this ABC News coverage of Dr. Belinda Barclay-White, who is a radiologist and collaborator of Ingrid Edstrom's. Cryotherapy, also referred to as cryosurgery or cryoablation, is a new and promising treatment for breast cancer, utilizing extreme cold to freeze cancerous tumors in the breast tissue without the need for invasive surgery.

Edstrom, an advocate for this new technology, has been sending patients to Arizona and other states for cryoablation until she can bring the necessary equipment to the Pacific Northwest.

Early Freeze Protocol

This video, created by Laura Ross-Paul and presented to the Fuda Hospital International Cancer Forum on July 2, 2016, documents the benefits of Cryoablation along with Ross-Paul's own experience in treating her breast cancer with cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy Before and After Imagery

As a guest lecturer for ZRT Labs' webinar in May 2016, Ingrid Edstrom spoke on her research regarding environmental estrogens / xenostrogen exposure, how it increases your breast cancer risk or risk of reoccurrence, and what you can do to limit that risk through her Proactive Breast Wellness Program.

Ingrid's also introduced "Breast Cryoablation: the new future in breast cancer treatment without surgery." She presented her Infrared slides of a woman she saw pre and post-cryoablation.